If you have suffered serious injuries in a Massachusetts SUV rollover accident, you may be entitled to seek financial compensation for your injuries. Some of the money damages that you may recover include:

  • medical expenses,
  • damages to your vehicle,
  • lost earnings,
  • pain and suffering, and
  • other expenses

SUVs More Prone to Rollover Accidents Than Other Cars

Certain vehicles on the road are more prone to rollovers than others. SUVs, or sports utility vehicles, for example, because of their weight and height, are three times more likely to engage in a rollover than other vehicles. Even though vehicle manufacturers have to follow federal motor vehicle safety standards for vehicles up to 6,000 lbs, most SUVs these days weigh much more than that and as such are excluded from testing. This means that some SUVs may not meet federal safety standards, but this does not stop them from being on the road.

Rollover Resulting in a Vehicle Roof Collapse

Until federal safety standards and regulations are applied to all passenger vehicles, there is always the chance that your SUV lacks the exceptional roof reinforcements to prevent roof collapses resulting in unnecessary injuries or death. Many SUV rollover accidents could have been avoided, and if you believe that your accident injuries have been caused by someone’s negligence, call the Boston personal injury attorneys at Kiley Law Group to find out if you have the right to compensation for your injuries.

Our attorneys will examine all the details regarding your accident and determine all the negligent parties. Find out today if you have a case.

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