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Seat Belt Failure Injuries

A man putting on a defective seat belt in Rhode Island.

Seat belt failure injuries occur when the passenger is involved in an accident and is wearing a seatbelt that fails. These types of injuries can be extremely painful and can include:

  • Paralysis
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Concussions
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Facial injuries

Seat belt failure can be very dangerous because cars today are built to recognize when a person has a seat belt on. The way the car reacts in an accident can differ depending on whether the passenger or driver is wearing a seat belt. If that seat belt fails, it is extremely dangerous to the passenger or driver.

Every year, many children and adults are injured as a result of a failed seat belt. For thirty years, car manufacturers and seat belt makers have been aware that these injuries can result from poor seat belt design or poor quality seat belts. Even with this knowledge they still make and install seat belts defectively. When installed properly, the seat belt can be a life saving device. When installed improperly, they are ineffective and dangerous.

Defective Car Seats

Baby in the car seat of a defective automobile.

When young children are on board, the most important part of the car is the car seat. As a parent, you want to trust the car seat you’ve purchased to keep your child safe and secure in the event of an accident. However, the ugly truth is that car seats all too often come with weak harnesses and buckles, defective materials, flawed mechanisms, or some kind of product defect. Even when car seats are correctly installed and children are properly fastened, defects in the car seat can cause injury. If the car seat you have chosen to protect your child fails to do so, it can result in serious injuries such as, skull fractures, spinal cord and brain injuries, strangulation, and even death. There are a multitude of different car seat designs and manufacturers, all of which claim to have the latest and greatest safety technology. While most car seats carry out their intended purpose, it is important for parents to be on the lookout for recalls and updates on car seats that have been deemed unsafe. View the latest car seat recalls here.

Defective Tires

Defective tires on a defective automobile in Rhode Island.

Because an automobile’s tires are the only point of contact the vehicle has to ground, when a tire becomes defective, it is more than likely that the driver will lose their ability to maintain control of such automobile. In most cases, a defective tire will result in a tire blowout or a tire detread, which is when the outermost layer of the tire separates from the rest of the tire.

Tires are especially susceptible to a design defect, as competing companies try to produce tires that use non-uniform manufacturing process that allow for variations within and between production, resulting in a greater likelihood for a mistake and defect. According to a 24-7 Press Release article, more than 8,000 car accidents occur in the United States due to defective tires.

Car Roof Crush Accidents

Defective automobile with a crushed roof in Rhode island.

Car roof crush accidents occur when the car is involved in a rollover or something falls on top of it. These accidents can be extremely dangerous because of the way that car roofs are built. Car companies continue to produce cars with thin and unstable roofs. The problem with that is if a car rolls over, there is not enough protection for the driver and passengers. When the car rolls over, the roof crushes and leaves very little room for the passengers and drivers. When it does this, it also can cause very serious injuries.

The US National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued a warning that there was a correlation between car roof strength and the occurrence of car crushing and injuries resulting from crushing. It has been shown that the carmakers knew stronger roofs would save the lives but they did nothing about it. Volvo ran a safety study that showed that poor car roof structure contributed greatly to head and neck injuries.

Recently, car roof crush standards were increased by the Department of Transportation. In September of 2012, car manufacturers will be required to produce a car with that has a stronger and safer roof. Although this is a great thing for car consumers, there are still many cars on the road that have the previous roof strengths that are dangerous.

Fuel-fed Fires in Automobiles

A gas nozzle sitting inside a gas tank.

One of the lesser known automobile defects that can lead to a serious injury is the fire that results from a car accident that damages the fuel system. Due to safety improvements and greater technology, less fires occur due to a car accident, but they still do exist. With placement of the gas tank being a contributing factor to the fires, many manufacturers have failed to implement a safety feature that can prevent fuel leaks, even though experts have testified that these only cost a few additional cents per vehicle. The NHTSA has also written on this subject several times. Below are some of the more common situations for a fuel-fed fire.

  • Seam weld failure in the fuel tank
  • Lack of a fuel cut-off device
  • Filler cap neck separation
  • Lack of an anti-siphoning device to thwart continued gas flow after a collision
  • A fire from an added fuel tank that is unprotected by the vehicle’s frame
  • Fuel line tearing or separation of the fuel line from the carburetor, fuel pump, or fuel tank
  • Placement of fuel tank under the trunk floor
  • Lack of a barrier or shield to prevent a fuel tank rupture
  • Fuel tank puncture due to poor design (e.g., a protruding bolt or other object)

SUV Rollover Accidents

An SUV after a crash caused by a defective automobile in rhode island.

SUV Rollover Accidents occur frequently on highways and roads in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Since the development of the SUV car companies have tried to make them safer, however these SUV’s continue to cause injuries and deaths. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued statements regarding these popular vehicles stating that they are unsafe and have a high risk of rollover. SUV’s have a high center of gravity that makes them more likely to flip over on a highway or after a sharp turn.

Rollover accidents are especially dangerous because the top of the car is not as strong as the rest of the car. If automakers continue to make these SUV’s in a way that is unsafe, they are not protecting those who purchase the cars. Typical injuries that occur from a rollover accident include:

  • Serious spinal cord injuries
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Upper body and neck injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Facial lacerations and disfigurement
  • Broken or fractured bones

If you have been injured by a rollover SUV accident and believe it was due to the negligence of the car company, you should immediately contact an attorney. The time to file a lawsuit is strict and an experienced personal injury attorney can help you to understand the process. An SUV accident is a confusing and frightening time in your life and competent attorneys who listen and are experienced are important.

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