The City of Brockton traffic commission has recently issued its 2013-2014 Winter Parking Ban notice to take effect December 1st lasting through April 1st of next year (i). With the winter fast approaching, motorists will encounter inclement weather conditions affecting the roadways. Whether the roads are slick with ice or have poor visibility due to snowstorms, drivers will need to take extra precautions. Freezing temperatures bring about these challenging driving conditions, but some helpful tips may be able to keep motorists safer as they travel the treacherous roadways during the holiday season and beyond.

Keep in mind the following tips as you hit the road for your holiday travels:

  1. Plan your trip in advance, and bear in mind that travel times may increase with adverse weather conditions and dangerous roadways. Try to leave earlier to account for increased travel times, rushing and/or driving erratically greatly increases your chances of involvement in an accident.
  2. first-aidPack an emergency kit just in case snowy or icy conditions resulting from a blizzard leave you stranded. At the very least, keep de-icer and a scraper in your car and keep your mobile phone charged.
  3. Change your mindset and remember that stopping distances are much longer in icy and snowy conditions. Keep a larger gap between vehicles and use appropriate gears while driving.
  4. Monitor your tire treads and inflation so your vehicle maintains traction in slippery conditions.
  5. Test your vehicle lights to make sure they are clear of dirt/grime and fully functional.
  6. frozen-wiperCheck your windshield wipers and make sure they are in good working order to achieve optimal visibility. Poor visibility can contribute to accidents during the winter time.
  7. Get up 5 minutes earlier to allow time to defrost and heat up your vehicle before a trip. Doing so will keep you from heading to your destination with low visibility and a fear of being late.
  8. Keep sufficient gas in your tank to ensure your vehicle will start on a cold morning and last you if there are traffic jams from winter weather car accidents.
  9. Clear snow off of your car before driving to increase your visibility and reduce hazards to yourself and other motorists.

Above all else, in order to reduce the risk of automobile accidents, drivers should make sure they are aware of the hazards they will encounter on the roadways this winter. Making sure that your vehicle is in good working order before hitting the road is incredibly important, as is practicing cautious, safe driving in order to keep yourself and other motorists safe while travelling during the winter.

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