Texting while driving is against the law in many states. However, there are still many texting and driving accidents that occur each year. Texting drivers cause accidents that can lead to individuals being injured and sometimes even killed. The key to preventing texting and driving accidents is awareness, and d’Oliveira & Associates, RI and MA Auto Accident Attorneys, are committed to raising awareness of texting and driving.

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Distracted driving is a growing concern among all drivers. In 2010, the last full year for which there are records, 3,092 individuals were killed in auto accidents involving at least one distracted driver. In the same year, it was determined that 18% of injuries caused by car crashes involved distracted drivers. This includes changing radio stations, placing phone calls using either a hands free or hand held mobile phone, and text messaging.

Rhode Island Teen driver texting while drivingThe effects of texting while driving are often measured by scientists who seek to determine how dangerous driving while texting can be. One way of studying how distracted driving affects drivers is by studying lane exceedance, the number of times that a car crosses either of the lane lines while performing a specific task. During one study of drivers between ages 18 and 21 with less than six months experience behind the wheel, one study showed that drivers exceeded their lanes 4.36 times per text message sent. Experience and age do not increase the safety of texting while driving, as another study showed that drivers between ages 35 and 54 exceed their lanes 2.96 times per text message sent.

Dangers of Texting and Driving

Additional statistics from the government’s distracted driving website reveal other dangers of texting while driving. The risk of a car crash while texting increases by 23 times. At the same time, the average text message required the driver to take their eyes off of the road for 4.6 seconds, during which time a driver will go 100 yards. This is the equivalent of driving the entire length of a football field with one’s eyes closed.

Recently, d’Oliveira & Associates has begun a public service campaign to help raise awareness of the risks of texting and driving. As part of this campaign, a fifteen-second public service announcement has been released, and a press release has been issued. Read the press release here.

Car Accident lawyer with couple hurt in accident from person texting while drivingEven though d’Oliveira & Associates seeks to reduce the risks from texting and driving, some drivers still text and drive. If you have been part of an accident where the other driver was distracted, please contact d’Oliveira & Associates toll-free at 1-800-992-6878 or click here to contact us. Consultations are free, and there is no fee unless you receive an award or settlement.