Is Suing a Family Member a Wise Idea?

Family MemberYou never intended to get involved in a car accident, much less with a family member. But sometimes, it’s unavoidable, and the emotional toll can be considerable if the family member was to blame. Many people are hesitant about bringing lawsuits when a family member is involved. But it might be a good idea for several reasons. Also, legal matters don’t necessarily have to come between you and your relative.

Suing a Family Member

Typically, the law allows you to sue any driver – even a relative. Therefore, it’s natural to want to take all the legal avenues available for compensation. The law doesn’t look at the fact that two people in a suit are related. It only cares whether someone was negligent, reckless, or careless in a crash.

The good news is that when a lawsuit is filed, your family member’s insurance may end up paying. All that happens is your insurance company sues theirs: your family member doesn’t pay the entire out-of-pocket cost. Your family member has invested in insurance so that they would be able to compensate someone who gets injured – like you.

It’s crucial to file a suit if the cost of your injuries or damages goes above and beyond what your insurance will pay. Even though you love your relative, you may still need to hold them accountable for your medical bills, transportation costs, lost wages, and more. Discuss your legal matter with a skilled attorney before deciding whether bringing a suit against a relative is right for you.

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