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A recent surge of bear sightings in RI has put many citizens on high alert. In fact, a RI school was even ordered to hold in place with no students allowed outside after a bear was spotted on school grounds. As the warm weather arrives, so does a bear’s hunger. Bears are beginning to scavenge local neighborhoods in hopes of finding yummy snacks left in easy to open trash barrels, greasy grills, or even bird feeders. To ensure a large furry friend does not wander onto your property, it is important to take proper steps during the heat of bear season.

What are a Few Quick Tips You Want to know if You See a Bear?

Tips on How to Prevent Bears on Your Property:

  1. bird feederTake down all bird feeders until later in the summer.
  2. Store any animal food inside your home or building.
  3. Take out the trash the morning it’s due.
  4. Clean all grills and barbecues of grease and leftover food particles.
  5. Move any and all live animals to a safe facility at night.
  6. Be cautious of your surroundings and NEVER feed a bear.

Tips on What to Do if You Encounter a Bear:

  1. bear cub sightingKeep your distance. The closer you get, the more likely the animal will become defensive.
  2. Try to make as much noise as possible to avoid surprising the bear.
  3. NEVER pick up a bear cub as the mother may be lurking in wait to protect her young.
  4. NEVER run from a bear as they run three times faster than you and will likely consider you prey if you run.

Why are Wild Animals Considered Dangerous?

Wild Bear Sightings

Bears have a natural instinct to fear humans which is helpful to their survival. The more humans interfere with this instinct by feeding bears or trying to interact with cubs, the more likely bears will venture on to neighborhoods and towns in search of food. The best safety tip is to stay away from unknown animals altogether, even dogs, for fear of bites and other physical injuries. If you or a loved one was recently bit by a dog, please call a South Kingstown RI dog bite lawyer today to see if you potentially have a claim.

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