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D. Robin Gouveia represents our clients in Tiverton, Rhode Island. Attorney Gouveia has been involved in matters dealing with personal injury and social security disability law for over 20 years, and has extensive knowledge and expertise in these types of legal disputes. Since joining d’Oliveira & Associates, Attorney Gouveia has become a consistently hardworking lawyer that her clients trust to get them the monetary award they warrant. She knows how to get you the best settlement, and how to get it for you swiftly.

Injured In a Car Accident? We Are Happy to Help!

tiverton ri auto accidentAttorney Gouveia and her staff at d’Oliveira & Associates have settled many car accident claims in Rhode Island. If you are involved in a car accident which results in an injury, you may be entitled to receive compensation to pay for your lost income, medical bills, pain and suffering and other losses. Our law firm charges a 1/3 fee, and will only accept payment if we are successful in obtaining a settlement or award for you. As always, your lawyer should not cost you more, they should get you more! Learn more.

Injured During a Motorcycle Accident in Tiverton? Let Us Work Together!

tiverton ri motorcycle accidentA motorcycle accident case can be long and challenging because of the fact that insurance company adjusters will begin to display facts that the motorcyclist was responsible for producing the resulting accident. These cases can be a tough task, which is why you should have a qualified RI personal injury lawyer to help you. Learn more.

Injured During a Slip and Fall?

tiverton ri slip and fallInsurance companies will attempt to deny or reduce settlement offers during the course of a slip and fall case. These type of accidents occur mainly because of a defect or unsafe condition on the property, such as torn flooring or icy conditions. Insurance companies will try to show that the injured was at fault for not being alert of any possible dangerous conditions. Our team has successfully handled many slip and fall cases and will not charge you without getting you the settlement you deserve. Learn more.

Injured From a Dog Bite? Don’t Postpone Calling Us!

tiverton ri dog biteAttorney Gouveia has successfully obtained settlements for people injured by a dog bite in Tiverton and bordering neighborhoods. Normally, when a dog bite happens on the owner’s property, their homeowner’s insurance coverage will compensate those who are bitten for their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. Our firm charges the typical 1/3 fee and will only accept payment if we get you a settlement or award. Learn more.

Injured While Working? We Will Get You Workers’ Compensation!

tiverton ri workers compensationThe purpose of workers’ compensation is to benefit employees injured at work who will receive payments for their injuries and medical expenses, among other losses. This is normally given to the injured worker by the employer’s insurance company. Still, receiving workers’ compensation benefits are not quickly resolved and may be drawn-out. The rules can be hard to grasp and the procedures taken can be complicated. We work with some of the most experienced and talented workers’ compensation lawyers in Rhode Island. Learn more.

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Things to See and Do in Tiverton, Rhode Island

Tiverton was incorporated by English colonists in 1694 as part of the Province of Massachusetts Bay. This historic town was annexed to Rhode Island by Royal Decree along with its fellow towns along the eastern shore of Narragansett Bay such as Barrington, Bristol and Little Compton. Men from the Tiverton outpost participated in the Battle of Freetown on May 25, 1778 during the Revolutionary War.

Tiverton, in its early days, was primarily a farming community with some fishing and boat construction. It was a major producer of menhaden oil, a fish derivative for industries until 1900. Cotton and wooden mills were established in 1811 in the region. Tiverton rests on the eastern shore of Narragansett Bay, separated from Aquidneck Island by the Sakonnet River.

The area is disconnected from the rest of the state of Rhode Island by the Narragansett Bay. You could also reach Tiverton by traveling west of the town of Westport and south of the city of Fall River located in Massachusetts. Much of the town is located along a granite ridge, which runs in a north-south direction, rising approximately 170 feet in elevation from the bay. A large section of exposed granite can be observed at the highway cut for Route 24, near the Main Road interchange.

With its rich history and scenic beauty, Tiverton, Rhode Island offers a little something for all visitors. Here are some of the significant places to see and things to do in Tiverton, Rhode Island:

Chace-Cory House, 3908 Main Road

This historical building, which is open May through September, hosts special exhibits throughout the season. It was built around the late 17th century and is now owned by the Tiverton Historical Society. It was home to whaling captains and their families, descendants of the first 27 freemen listed as original residents of Tiverton. The house and the grounds still retain many of the original features of the colonial farm including a corn crib and a wash house. For more information, visit the Tiverton Historical Society’s website at

Fort Barton, Highland Road

This is a fort from the time of the Revolutionary War, which was the troop staging area for the invasion of Aquidneck Island and Newport, and eventually the Battle of Rhode Island in 1778. The park contains three miles of trails and an observation tower at the top, which offers panoramic views of the Sakonnet River, Mount Hope Bay and Portsmouth and Bristol shorelines. The trails here are well-maintained the have stairs that allow hikers to get up and over steep hills. Deep into the trails, hikers will find a quiet path beside a stream.

Ruecker Wildlife Refuge, Seapowet Avenue: This 48-acre wildlife refuge is open daily sunrise to sunset. It is home to a variety of animal and plant life, salt marshes and offers scenic views of the Sakonnet River. Some of the birds you’ll find in the marsh include Great Egrets, Snowy Egrets and Glossy Ibis. Jack’s Island, a peninsula that extends into the Sakonnet River, is also home to breeding ospreys.

Weetamoo Woods


Named after a Native American Squaw Sachem, this area offers a perfect place for nature lovers to relax and learn a little local history. The 450-acre preserve has four trails and also houses what remains of the Borden Sawmill that was built back in the 18th century. The site also includes the ruins of mill worker homes and cellar holes, with gardens still apparent. For a complete list of all trees and plants that can be found on Weetamoo Woods, visit:

Roseland Acres, 594 East Main Road

horsesIf you are looking for an equestrian-friendly area in Tiverton, this is it. While there are many other locations in town for housing horses, they are either privately owned or for boarding only. Roseland Acres is a family-owned facility that even offers horseback riding lessons, summer camps and trail rides.


Fogland Beach


This is a tranquil spot from where you can enjoy the beauty of Narragansett Bay and watch sea birds build their nests along the rocky shoreline. It also offers a nice view of Newport Bridge, the Portsmouth shoreline and the Sakonnet River. Fogland is also great for windsurfing. Grinnell’s Beach nearby is a wonderful family beach with a park in the sand. The Seapowet Marsh and Point Fishing Area has coastal habitats that are renowned for shellfishing.

Butterfly Zoo, 409 Bulgarmarsh Road

butterflyThe Butterfly Zoo of Tiverton was named Best of Rhode Island 2011 attraction by Yankee Magazine and is home to a variety of butterflies from all over the world including white monarchs, common buckeyes and chine yellow snowtails. The zoo also offers mounted butterflies for purchase.


Tiverton Four Corners

old-dressThis has become an important center for antiques, fine art, decorative crafts and cozy shops, all nestled into a quaint New England Village of 18th century buildings. You can shop and sample gourmet treats in a friendly and charming atmosphere.


Art Galleries

  • Donovan Gallery, 3895 Main Road: The Donovan Gallery is located at Tiverton Four Corners and offers many forms of art including watercolors, oils, pastels, etchings, monotypes and limited edition prints. The art in the gallery is all professionally framed and available for sale.
  • Four Corners Art Center, 3852 Main Road: Built in 1800, the Four Corners Art Center is home to the historic Soule-Seabury House. It has over an acre of landscaped grounds used for exhibits, concerts, outdoor dance, theater and special events.

Town Festivals

antique festival

  • Art and Artisan Festival: This happens every year at the height of the New England summer around mid-July. The festival features work of artists from everywhere.
  • Antique Festival, 3850 Main Road: This is an annual festival hosted early July by Ferguson & D’Arruda. You can find anything antique in this festival.
  • Garden and Herb Festival, 3852 Main Road: This happens around the end of May at the Soule-Seabury House. It’s an annual tradition in Tiverton where gardening enthusiasts gather, trade secrets and share plants.