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D. Robin Gouveia is our lawyer who represents the town of Westport, Massachusetts. Attorney Gouveia has been practicing personal injury law for over 20 years, and has ample knowledge and exposure to these matters. Since beginning with our firm, Attorney Gouveia has formed a trustworthy reputation as a lawyer in which her clients rely on. Attorney Gouveia, with her previous employment experience as a claims adjuster, knows not only how to get you the settlement you deserve, but how to quickly get it for you.

Injured In a Car Accident in Westport? Let Us Know!

Westport Car Accident LawyerAttorney Gouveia has settled numerous car accident claims in Massachusetts. If you endure an injury in a car accident in Westport, you may be eligible for compensation, which pays for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. We charge the traditional 1/3 fee, and will only receive payment if you obtain a settlement or award. It is important to know that a respectable lawyer should not cost you more, they should get you more! Learn more.

Involved and Injured In a Motorcycle Accident? We Will Help!

Westport Motorcycle Accident LawyerBeing involved in a motorcycle accident case in Westport can be tough because of the fact that insurance company claims adjusters are trying to attest that the motorcyclist is liable for the accident. These cases can be long and complex, which is all the more reason to retain an accomplished MA personal injury lawyer to represent you! Learn more.

Injured During a Slip and Fall? Call Immediately!

Westport Slip and Fall LawyerSlip and fall cases can be complicated because insurance companies will try negating or lessening settlement offers. Generally, the source of a slip and fall accident is a hazardous condition or deficiency on the property. Again, insurance companies will attempt to establish that the fall victim was responsible, for they did not watch for dangerous conditions, such as ice or a wet flooring. We have successfully settled numerous slip and fall cases, and will not charge a fee without getting you compensation you deserve. Learn more.

Injured From a Dog Bite? Notify Us Now!

Westport Dog Bite LawyerAttorney Gouveia has successfully secured several settlements for people injured in a dog bite incidents. Ordinarily, after a dog bite happens on a dog owner’s property, the owner’s homeowner’s insurance coverage compensates those bitten for their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. Our firm will charge the standard 1/3 fee only if we get you a deserving settlement or award. Learn more.

Injured At work? We Will Assist You In Getting Workers’ Compensation!

Westport Workers' Compensation LawyerWorkers’ Compensation was established to help employees injured at work gain payments for their losses resulting from injuries, costs of rehabilitation, medical expense and other losses. Compensation is provided by the employer’s insurance company. Yet, gaining workers’ compensation benefits is not always as simple as it seems. The rules to gaining workers’ compensation can be difficult to comprehend and the process of recovery can be drawn-out. We work with some of the most qualified and educated workers’ compensation lawyers in Massachusetts. Learn more.

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Things to See and Do in Westport Massachusetts

Westport is a town in the south coastal region of Massachusetts along the border of Rhode Island. It is more or less a residential and farming community. Horseneck Beach and Westport River endow the area with much scenic beauty and numerous recreational opportunities. This area is favored by bicyclists for long, serene, uninterrupted rides, traversing wooded areas and scenic landscapes. Westport is an ideal place to spend sunny summer days either in the country or the coast.

Westport also includes the village of North Westport. Other areas of the town include Westport Point, with the dock on the Westport River where Main Road meets the village. Central Village is where the town offices, retail stores and business are housed. Whether its enjoying the scenic beauty of the area or going or sampling wine in local vineyards, Westport has a lot to offer visitors and travelers. Here are some of the things you can see and do in and around Westport, Massachusetts.

Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery, 417 Hixbridge Road.

Westport Rivers Vineyard and Winery

Westport Rivers Winery is run by the fourth generation of a family of winegrowers. Nestled in the sunny South Coast of Massachusetts, this location with its dark, rich New England soil, cool climate and warm waters, turned out to be just right for making wine that is aromatic and crisp. The first vines were planted in these vineyards in 1986. It is now spread over 80 acres and is the largest vineyard in New England.

The winery opened to the public during the summer of 1991 and has earned over 20 gold medals and endless praise from wine critics worldwide. During the summer, the vineyard offers musical entertainment at sunset and the opportunity for guests to picnic in the grounds. For more information, visit

Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary

Spanning hundreds of acres of protected beach, fields, woodlands, pond and marsh, the Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary has extensive trail systems – about seven miles of it — offering ocean and pond views from many vantage points. Visitors can spend a full day at this 611-acre sanctuary walking and bird watching. The sanctuary has three trailheads for fun adventures, one on Allens Neck Road, one at 786 East Horseneck Road and a third at the Field Station on Horseneck Road.

ospreyThe sanctuary has more than 300 species of birds including piping plovers, which nest on the 1.5-mile stretch of coastal beach. It also has a butterfly garden with rare species, toads and frogs in vernal pools, seasonal and year-round science projects conducted in the 1860s-era Stone Barn and the South Coast Osprey Project that monitors the breeding activity of 80 pairs of osprey on nearly 100 nesting platforms in Westport and Dartmouth. Visit

Horseneck Beach State Reservation, 5 John Reed Road.

Horseneck Beach State Reservation, 5 John Reed Road

Located in the southernmost part of eastern Massachusetts, Horseneck Beach State Reservation is spread across nearly 600 acres of barrier beach and salt marsh. Horseneck Beach is one of the most popular facilities in the Massachusetts State Forests and Parks system.

The reservation is also located at Buzzards Bay, the sandy, southwest-facing, 2-mile long beach is breezy all year round, providing excellent wind surfing and a dependable respite from sweltering inland temperatures every summer. The combination of ocean beach and estuary habitat makes Horseneck one of the premier birding locations in New England. Behind the dunes near Gooseberry Neck (a rocky headland at the eastern end of the Reservation), is a 100-site campground. Visit

Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures, 489 Old County Road

Located on the bank of the east branch of the Westport River, Osprey Sea Kayak Adventures offers kayaking lessons, nature tours and adventure trips. You could buy and rent equipment here. The place also has a repair and service center where they also repair drysuits. Visit

Westport Town Farm, 830 Drift Road

Westport Town Farm, 830 Drift Road

Westport Town Farm is a working farm with a centuries-old farmhouse and pastures bracketed by stonewalls. Livestock graze here on open fields. The coastal landscape houses an antique farmhouse, dairy barn, corn crib and stone walls dating back to Colonial times. This farm used to serve as a refuge for the community’s poor and sick. Now, the unique area offers visitors the chance to enjoy the farmstead, pastures and croplands, which roll down to a quarter mile of frontage on the Westport River. Here, you can find ospreys and gulls gliding above the river, wading birds and small fish in the marsh. You can explore this bucolic landscape by taking a one-mile trail from the barnyard.

Art Galleries


The Dedee Shattuck Gallery and the Art Stable Gallery are both at 865 Main Road. Both are closed for the winter. Art Stable is a rustic little gallery with displays of work by local artists. Dedee Shattuck has a bright, open floor plan illuminated by natural light from many picture windows. The gallery features paintings, tapestries, auctions and more. For more information, visit

Eat and Drink

kitchen in Westport MA

Partners Village Store and Kitchen, 865 Main Road: This unique store offers local residents and visitors a lively shopping and dining experience. The store features an array of gifts, toys, books, cards, candy and specialty foods. This is also a center for community-inspired events featuring local authors, farmers, artisans, potters, poets and musicians. The store has an adjoining café with sandwiches, salads, wraps, baked goods, specialty sodas and organic coffee.

Handy Hill Creamery, 55 Hix Bridge Road: This ice cream store that also sells clam cakes is only open in the summer.

The Bayside Restaurant, 1253 Horseneck Road: Features American fare and seafood. Conveniently located near Horseneck Beach. It’s open in the summer and the winter.

Ten Cousins Brick Oven, 977 Main Road: Features a large variety of specialty pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven. This is a casual, family restaurant with a small bar, which also offers live entertainment on Fridays and Saturdays at 6.

Buzzards Bay Brewing, 98 Horseneck Road: Offers tastings and sales of their award winning lagers and ales.