Vocational training is a course of rehabilitation that will help an individual either maintain or return to employment. This type of program helps the functional, psychological, developmental, cognitive and emotional impairments or other health conditions that people have, which prevent them from working. If you are injured you could be entitled to an evaluation by a certified vocational rehabilitation counselor.

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Do You Require Vocational Rehabilitation After Suffering a
Workplace Injury?
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Employees typically receive vocational rehabilitation if they have a permanent injury that is disabling and prevents them from returning to their old job. The training they receive can include resume development, training classes, and certification.

How Does Vocational Rehabilitation Work?

Vocational rehabilitation can involve a number of different medical professionals as well counselors. Many different techniques are used during the course of rehabilitation:

  • Assessment or evaluation along with research.
  • Setting goals and planning.
  • Health advice which promotes the return to work.
  • Support in self-managing health conditions.
  • Making any adjustments to the psychological and physical impact of the injury.
  • Career counseling as well as job analysis and placement services.
  • Evaluations of your capacity to work.

How Do I Get Vocational Rehabilitation?

man falling off ladder and after suffering an injury he should seek vocational rehabilitationIf you are an employer or someone injured while at work, with a total or permanent-partial disability you may be eligible for a vocational rehabilitation program.

  1. The rehabilitation program proposal will be submitted by a counselor who is certified in rehabilitation. The counselor will be responsible for administering the rehabilitation program. This could include assistance in your job search or even schooling or retraining in a new occupation.
  2. After the proposal is approved, the insurance company will be required to pay for all aspects of the rehabilitation program for you. The workers’ compensation benefits you receive may not be reduced or canceled while you are participating in the program.

Vocational Rehabilitation:

person who was injured while on the job getting vocational rehabilitation

Donley Rehabilitation Services is affiliated with the Department of Labor and Training Workers’ Compensation division. The Donley Center provides comprehensive physical and occupational therapy intervention to help injured workers. Injured workers are assessed by licensed, registered physical and occupational therapists who then design a treatment plan specifically tailored to each individual’s results.

Treatment plans may include:

  • Physical Therapy;
  • Occupational Therapy;
  • Work Hardening;
  • Aquatics.

Furthermore, the Center offers psychological services and vocational services to help those clients in need.

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a workers compensation lawyer meeting with client who needs vocational rehabilitationIf you have been injured while at work and are thinking about filing for workers’ compensation benefits, you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you get the benefits that you are entitled to. Call us today or fill out a contact form for a free (no obligation) case evaluation. The experienced lawyers that we work with will help you get the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.