Denied Social Security

First of all, if you’ve been denied social security disability benefits, you are not alone. In fact, most claims are denied (again and again and again before they are successful). In short, the answer to the “denial, what’s next?” question is “appeal.”

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Again, if your social security disability claim has been denied, you are not alone. Denial is commonplace and many successful claims were denied up to three times before approval. Nationwide, about 70% of all claims are denied at the first level. Don’t give up.

What can an RI Social Security disability lawyer do?

ssd card

  • A Social Security disability lawyer can streamline the application process and save you time, leaving you free to focus on the things you enjoy most.
  • A Social Security disability lawyer can help you determine if you are eligible for benefits in RI or MA.
  • A Social Security disability lawyer can help appeal your claim if it has been denied in RI or MA.
  • In Rhode Island and Massachusetts, you need a Social Security disability lawyer you can count on.

Filing or appealing a denial of benefits without a Social Security disability lawyer who cares about you and your family can be complicated and frustrating.

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