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Experienced Coventry car accident lawyers know and understand the negative, often devastating impact, social media posts can have on your car accident or personal injury claim. If you have been injured in a Coventry car crash, it might be tempting for you to share your story on Facebook, share photographs of the incident or your injuries on Instagram or Pinterest and status updates on Twitter. However, putting yourself and your story out there can seriously jeopardize the outcome of your car accident claim.

What You Should Know

social media website FacebookIt is important to realize, first of all, that your social media pages or posts are not “private.” Although you may feel comfortable about your so-called “privacy settings,” there is no guarantee that an unwanted party such as an insurance adjuster or defense counsel goes digging for dirt with the hope of finding some in your social media pages.

In fact, social media pages have become virtual goldmines for insurance companies and defense attorneys who go looking for dirt on plaintiffs. Even innocent posts that have nothing to do with the incident or injuries could make plaintiffs look bad in the eyes of a jury and affect the case’s outcome.

Valuable Social Media Tips

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Here are just some of the steps and safety measures you can take to protect your rights and best interests if you are in the middle of the claims process:

  • Take down your Facebook page or other social media page or blog. Your blog is like a personal journal. It is searchable and accessible to anyone. If you’ve written something about the car accident you were involved in or your claim, the consequences can be devastating. If you don’t wish to take down your account, limit your profile so it can only be viewed by friends. But, please be aware that the contents of your entire account can be requested by a defense lawyer as part of the discovery process.
  • Never post information about your car accident on any social media or blogs. Ask your friends not to do so either, especially if you’ve told them specifics about the incident. This includes comments, pictures and videos.
  • woman taking selfie with friendTake down old photos or updates that can potentially be used against you. For example, if you complained of a neck injury before the accident, the defense can use that as evidence that your car accident was not the cause of the neck injury.
  • Do not post medical information such as your recovery or treatment. Do not post photographs or videos pertaining to your recovery.
  • Google yourself to find content, pictures or videos that are out there and can hurt your injury claim.
  • Pay attention to what you post on all sites. For example, be wary even when you write a consumer review such as on Yelp or Tripadvisor.

If you have been injured in a Coventry car accident, the best step you can take is to seek the counsel and guidance of an experienced Coventry car accident lawyer who can help look out for your best interests.